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The global sneaker and steetwear industries have come a long way. The days of waiting in line or going to your local mall to get a general release sneaker are over. A new era of limited sneakers and collaborations has emerged and has catapulted the sneaker industry financially. In 2018 Cowen Equity Research classified sneakers as an emerging alternative asset class. The sneaker industry has certainly emerged and is expected to reach $95.14 billion by 2025, almost double the $50 billion valuation from 2015 (according to Grand View Research Inc.). Business Insider even listed the valuation of the underground resale market over $1 billion.

The evolving sneaker industry is made up of many different groups. From sneaker resellers at local stores, larger online stores like StockX, GOAT and Stadium Goods, to Sneaker YouTubers, Instagram and Tik Tok Influencers, and bots that help you cop sneakers online for retail. The industry is thriving. Huge global brands, entrepreneurs and budding creatives are working together on collaborations, blending the traditional lines between high fashion and street culture. Brands now have the ability to be seen and recognized around the world in an instant. The tremendous growth and development in the sneaker industry have highlighted the need for legal assistance and legal education and that is where Sneaker Law Firm comes in.

Sneaker Law Firm is an industry leader and the first firm to work with clients in all avenues of the sneaker and streetwear industries. Sneaker Law is comprised of many different legal areas, such as Trademarks, Contracts, Copyrights, Privacy Law, Online Data Security, Technology and Employment Law.  Sneaker Law Firm is always on top of the latest releases, trends, technology, and nuances in the sneaker industry and how the law applies to those areas.

Mr. Kurtz, or as others call him, The Sneaker Attorney™ or the Sneaker Lawyer™, has been passionate about sneakers and streetwear his entire life and has been heavily involved in the industry from many different perspectives. Mr. Kurtz’s first big win after law school was a trademark infringement case against one of the global leaders in the sneaker industry. Since then, he has been a pioneer in the sneaker law industry. After working on the business and legal side of the sneaker and fashion industry for 8+ years, he created Sneaker Law Firm. Mr. Kurtz’s clients encouraged him to develop a new specialized firm that focused on the many nuances of the merging technology, sneaker and streetwear industries and we listened.

Sneaker Law Firm is a forward thinking, trustworthy firm that provides legal and business counseling to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the sneaker, technology, fashion, sports and entertainment industries. We specialize in assisting individuals and businesses in the sneaker and retail industries. We provide personalized solutions for your business and legal needs, and save brands time and money with our knowledge in the industry.

Sneaker Law Firm has successfully represented individuals and companies in the sneaker industry and other industries; such as; sneaker designers, streetwear and sneaker brands, software companies, digital content creators, influencers, individual software developers, physical and online sneaker stores, sneaker agencies, influencer marketing agencies, resellers, global sneaker and retail distributors, entrepreneurs, add to cart (ATC) services, bots, models, record labels, sports agencies, athletes, musicians, artists and creatives.

Sneaker Law Firm is based in the international city of New York with clients and global partners located all over the world.

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