General Counsel Program

“They call you “general” because you do a little bit of everything and “counsel” because you are an advisor in many aspects of the business. As a general counsel, you are a Swiss Army Knife of lawyers as you have many different tools. There are limitations with each tool, and you still understand the basics. If you need something specialized, you call an expert outsider, but you are still involved by keeping everything coordinated and on budget.”

-David Cohen, Esq. Former General Counsel Tampa Bay Buccaneers

For many businesses having a general counsel to handle the various legal issues that arise during the course of the day would be extremely beneficial. Unfortunately, the financial commitment required to hire an attorney with the ideal amount of expertise and experience often ultimately makes such an endeavor impractical. The Law Offices of Zakari A. Kurtz understands the issues operating without in-house legal counsel can produce, and has designed a solution to this dilemma. Our General Counsel Program provides businesses a convenient and affordable method of receiving legal and business services.

While having full-time in-house legal counsel is not a necessity for some businesses, every company, no matter how big or small, is confronted with complex and time-sensitive legal issues from time-to-time. When these matters pile-up and remain unaddressed, an organization’s liability exposure can increase dramatically, which can have devastating consequences. Often times, businesses will get hit with numerous costly lawsuits and exorbitant legal fees as a result of issues that could have been easily been avoided if they had access to an attorney for even just one or two days a month.

The Law Offices of Zakari A. Kurtz believes that every business should have an avenue to quality and affordable legal and business consulting services. Through our General Counsel Program, we provide companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries, with the benefits of a general counsel on an as needed basis. In contrast to most law firms’ hourly billable rate model, which frequently results in unpredictable and exorbitant legal fees, our General Counsel Program provides clients with set prices that enable them to budget total legal costs more accurately.

As a part of our program, clients have the ability to design a package that best meets their needs. More specifically, clients have a choice of several different options, including hourly packages, and monthly and yearly arrangements containing a finite amount of service hours. The bigger the package chosen, the better the value. For more information on specific service plans and rates, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.