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Sneaker & Streetwear Legal Services opened its doors in 2014 as Kurtz Law Firm, a boutique law firm representing athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and small businesses in transactional and trademark areas. The firm became known as the Sneaker Law Firm to those in the sneaker and fashion industries around 2017, and the public in 2018.

Our firm treats clients like family and believes in frequent and effective communication. We prioritize client goals and provide individualized first-round draft pick level of attention to each client. This has allowed the firm to grow organically solely based on referrals from our happy clients. Creating a comfortable, transparent, and open attorney-client relationship allows for positive results with no surprises- including legal fees. Sneaker & Streetwear Legal Services offers a unique General Counsel’s Program for businesses and flat fee options for trademark and legal work. 

We are one of a kind in the industry and save our clients time and money through our unparalleled experience and knowledge of the business and legal sides of sneakers and streetwear.

Our mission is to tailor creative solutions to satisfy each individual client. With these principles as our north star, Sneaker & Streetwear Legal Services can make you a happy client and can handle all of your business needs.

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